Tirat Carmel Community Foundation

Tirat Carmel Community Foundation was established in 2002 by local citizens and activists in an attempt to better the lives of its residents. The Foundation is active in promoting long term initiatives to further issues concerning education, employment, youth empowerment, volunteerism, and community involvement of local businesses. All initiatives are based on the understanding that a true and substantial social change can occur only if community members take responsibility in leading the process.

Tirat Carmel Community Foundation promotes social change initiatives through creating meaningful and effective collaborations among the three sectors: local municipality and government institutions, the business sector and local nonprofits and residents.  The organization operates as an integrator of local and national forces, enhances existing initiatives, and implementing new ones. The foundation operates according to principles of democratic decision-making, continuous evaluation, transparency, and equal access to all.

For more information visit the project’s site.

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